moy moy




For the last 37 years, the constant in my life has been my sewing machine. It has followed me from Montreal to Toronto and then to Newmarket, Ontario. I have always created and sewed. These days I sew for my family, friends and Moy Moy.

Nine years ago my daughter was celebrating a birthday and I wanted to make a thank you present. I was tired of throwaway loot “gifts”. This gift had to be reusable, practical and different. I decided to make a monogrammed loot bag. I searched for the right fabric; individually hand cut each letter and bag and assembled it. The completed bag was a hit. The kids and the parents loved it.

Decided to call my new business 'Moy Moy' because in Chinese it means’ little sister’ or ‘sister sister.’ I have two younger sisters and two daughters. Thought it was a cute name and it used my maiden name. And along the way I have found out that 'moy' in Dutch means 'beautiful' and in Finnish (Suomi) it means 'bye'.

With over a thousand tote bags carried worldwide, I try to add something new to my repertoire each year. There are pillows, bags of all sizes and aprons and chefs hat. Who knows what I’ll be sewing up in the years to come?